ChronosFD is a frequency-domain instrument based on laser diodes and light emitting diodes (LEDs). This powerful tool offers all the benefits of a complete time-resolved fluorometer but at an affordable price.

ChronosFD is fully-automated through Vinci, a user-friendly, Windows-based software package.

Key features of ChronosFD include:

  • Flexible instrument configuration with a variety of light sources (laser diodes, LEDs and Ti:Sapphire laser)
  • A compact footprint and short optical path length for maximum sensitivity and efficient light coupling into the sample
  • Millisecond to picosecond lifetime measurement capabilities
  • Full automation of instrument components including: cuvette holder, polarizers, shutters, filterwheel, monochromators and stirrers
  • PC-controlled integration of temperature path, titrator, stopped-flow apparatus and pressure pump
  • Upgradable to a full steady-state and time-resolved instrument
  • T-format and parallel beam optical design for fast and precise polarization measurements
  • Powered by Vinci-Multidimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Specifications for ChronosFD

Light Source Laser diodes (405, 436, 473, 635, 690, 780 and 830 nm), LEDs (280, 300, 335, 345, 460, 500, and 520 nm), and Ti:Sapphire, white and other pulsed lasers
Focusing & Collection Geometry Parallel beam design for precise polarization measurements
Polarizers UV grade Glan-Thompson with L/A=2.0
Detectors PMTs and MCPs
Detection Modes Fast analog and photon counting electronics
Wavelength Range 160 - 850 nm (MCP), 185 - 850 (PMT)
TCSPC Modules • Electrical Time Resolution down to 8 ps FWHM/5 ps rms
• Minimum Time Channel Width 820 fs
• Total useful count rate up to 4 MHz
• Measurement times down to 1 ms
Lifetime Measurements Range 10-11 sec to 10-2 sec
OS Requirements XP, 7
Power Requirements Universal power input: 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 400 VAC
Dimensions 540 mm (L) x 425 mm (W) x 235 mm (H)
Weight 25 kg

Schematic Diagram for ChronosFD

Measurement Examples from ChronosFD

Fluorescein in Propylene Glycol

Frequency-domain anisotropy decays (Differential Polarized Phase Angle and Amplitude Ratio) of Fluorescein in propylene glycol measured on ChronosFD using an excitation wavelength of 470-nm (Xenon lamp). The emission was collected using an OG530 long-pass filter. Calculated values for &thera; = 5.3 ns with R0 = 0.40 and τ = 4 ns, T = 27-28°C.

BodipyFL in Water

Frequency responses (phase and modulation) of BodipyFL in water acquired on ChronosFD using a 471-nm laser diode. The emission was collected through a high pass filter 520KV. The data is best fitted with a single exponential decay time of 5.87 ns (x2 = 0.97).

Selected Publications

Below is a list of selected publications featuring ChronosFD. Click here to browse our complete library of publications.

Synthesis of Water-Soluble, Ring-Substituted Squaraine Dyes and Their Evaluation as Fluorescent Probes and Labels
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Real-Time Determination of Picomolar Free Cu(II) in Seawater Using a Fluorescence-Based Fiber Optic Biosensor
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Accessories available for ChronosFD

The following accessories are available for ChronosFD. For more information please visit our Fluorescence Accessories page.

  • Laser Diodes & Light Emitting Diodes (Modulated)
  • Lamp Mono-Assembly
  • Two-cuvette Sample Compartment
  • Three-cuvette Sample Compartment
  • Four-cuvette, Peltier-controlled, Sample Compartment
  • Dewar Flask
  • The HPCell™ High Pressure Cell System
  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) Flow Cell
  • Variable-angle, Front-Surface Sample Compartment
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Microwell Plate Reader Accessory
  • UV Glan-Thompson Prism Polarizers
  • Titrators (1 and 2 syringe)
  • Stopped-Flow Devices
  • Fiber Optics
  • Computer-controlled Filter Wheels
  • Microchannel Plate Detector