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Components & Upgrades for Alba

Microscopy Components from ISS

From data acquistion and control cards to galvo-controlled mirrors and laser launchers, we are sure to have the component you need to enhance the performance of your device.

Data Acquisition & Control Cards

We offer Data Acquisition and Control Cards for various applications including FCS, Confocal Imaging (Steady-state, FLIM and FRET), Scanning FCS and RICS. Learn more >

Imaging Devices

Learn more about our Galvo-controlled Scanning Mirrors for better image acquisition, or our XYZ Piezo-controlled Stage for exceptional resolution and stability. Learn more >

Detectors Unit

Learn more about our Detectors Unit. Learn more >

Laser Launchers

Our launchers can accommodate lasers of various sizes and shapes. Each laser launcher can be controlled independently. Learn more >

Laser Accessories

We offer accessories to lasers including an intensity controller for the Ti:Sapphire laser. Learn more >