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Data Acquisition & Control Cards


FastFLIM is the new digital frequency domain (DFD) approach to FLIM measurements. Learn More >


Digital TCSPC module for fast FLIM data acquisition. Learn More >

4-channel Correlator

The 4-channel correlator acquisition card is designed to acquire raw data used in several applications of fluorescence microscopy. Learn More >

3xDAC Card

The 3xDAC card is designed for controlling galvo-controlled servo mirrors or XYZ piezo-controlled devices utilized in fluorescence microscopy. Learn More >


Cards Selection Table

Application FastFLIM 3xDAC card 4-channel Correlator TCSPC
FCS acquisition in solutions  
FCS acquisition in cells
Confocal Imaging (steady-state)
Confocal Imaging (FLIM/FRET) in digital frequency-domain    
Confocal Imaging (FLIM/FRET) in time-domain    
Scanning FCS