ChronosBH is a time-domain fluorometer with picosecond resolution. Its optical design and automatic instrument control are state-of-the-art for time-resolved fluorometers.

ChronosBH is fully-automated through Vinci, a user-friendly, Windows-based software package.

Key features of ChronosBH include:

  • Flexible instrument configuration with a variety of light sources
  • A compact footprint and short optical path length for maximum sensitivity and efficient light coupling into the sample
  • Millisecond to picosecond lifetime measurement capabilities
  • Full automation of instrument components including: cuvette holder, polarizers, shutters, filterwheel, monochromators and stirrers
  • PC-controlled integration of temperature bath, titrator, stopped-flow apparatus and pressure pump
  • Upgradable to include steady-state measurements
  • T-format and parallel beam optical design for fast and precise polarization measurements

Specifications for ChronosBH

Light Source
  • Laser diodes (nm): 370, 405, 436, 473, 635, 690, 780, 830
  • LEDs (nm): 280, 300, 335, 345, 460, 500, 520
  • Pulsed Lasers: Supercontinuum, Ti:Sapphire, Pulsed Laser Diodes
Focusing & Collection Geometry Parallel beam design for precise polarization measurements
Polarizers UV grade Glan-Thompson with L/A=2.0
Detectors PMTs and MCPs
Detection Modes Fast analog and photon counting electronics
Wavelength Range 160 - 850 nm (MCP), 185 - 850 (PMT)
TCSPC Modules • Electrical Time Resolution down to 8 ps FWHM/5 ps rms
• Minimum Time Channel Width 820 fs
• Total useful count rate up to 4 MHz
• Measurement times down to 1 ms
Lifetime Measurements Range 10-11 sec to 10-2 sec
OS Requirements Windows 10
Power Requirements Universal power input: 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 400 VAC
Dimensions 540 mm (L) x 425 mm (W) x 235 mm (H)
Weight 25 kg

Schematic Diagram for ChronosBH

Measurement Examples from ChronosBH

Time-Domain Intensity Decay

Time-domain intensity decay of a paper sample acquired on ChronosBH using a 405-nm pulsed laser diode. The paper sample was placed in a front-surface accessory. The data is best fitted by a single exponential decay time of 0.94 ns (x2 = 1.25).

Time-Domain Anisotropy Decay

Time-domain anisotropy decays of Coumarin 6 in ethylene glycol acquired on ChronosBH using a 447-nm pulsed laser diode. The emission was collected through a KV 505 long high pass filter. The calculated value for θ = 2.6 ns with R0 = 0.38 and τ = 2.3 ns, T = 20-21°C.

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