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Choose a category below to learn more about the many components we make for fluorescence instrumnentation—from laser diodes, LEDs and light detectors, to photon counting electronics to SLM upgrades.

High-Pressure Cell System   

The ISS High Pressure Cell System (HPCell) can be interfaced directly to any ISS spectrofluorometer or utilized as a stand-alone unit with other fluorometers. Learn more >


The Illuminator provides a convenient source of radiation from wavelengths of 230 nm to 850 nm. Learn more >

Laser Diodes & LEDs   

Laser and light emitting diodes (LEDs) are an exciting alternative to traditional lamps; they are bright, stable, and compact light sources. Learn more >

Light Detectors   

Learn more about our Room Temperature PMT Housing, Cooled PMT Housing, and Microchannel Plate Detector. Learn more >

Processing Electronics   

From Stepper Motor Controller to Photon Counting electronics, Modulators to Data Acquisition boards, we have the processing component for your application. Learn more >

Phoenix (SLM Upgrade)   

Learn more about our upgrade package for the SLM-4800/48000 and SLM-8000/8100 spectrofluorometers, designed to modernize the instruments manufactured by SLM Instruments. Learn more >
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