Single Syringe Titrator   

ISS offers a computer-controlled titrator for use with the fluorescence instrumentation product line (PC1™ Photon Counting Spectrofluorimeter, K2™ Multifrequency Phase and Modulation Fluorometer, ChronosFD™ and Phoenix™). In a titration experiment, the operator measures fluorescence parameters (excitation and emission spectra, polarization, and/or kinetics) after adding a specific quantity of a titrant (solution) to the sample. Sample delivery is automatically performed by the titrator at specified time intervals set by the operator. For instance, a series of polarization measurements can be performed on a sample where the concentration changes (titrant is added) every sixty seconds.

The titrator accessory is computer controlled through an RS-232 port and can be fully integrated with the operation of the spectrofluorometer. Vinci - Multidimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy includes specific ready-to-use routines for instrument control, acquisition, analysis, and display of fluorescence data; a titration curve is generated using the titrator accessory. The software can also generate a plot of the measured fluorescence parameter against the volume of the titrant. .

Double Syringe Titrator   

The double syringe, computer-controlled titrator works like the single syringe unit but it provides the user with more flexibility.