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Our Achievements

For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to making the finest instrumentation for scientific applications. Below are some of our key acheivements.

1985 First commercial Multifrequency Phase Fluorometer (MPF), the GREG200™
1987 Installation of the first MPF using the harmonic content of mode locked lasers
1989 First fully automated Multifrequency Phase Fluorometer, the K2™
1991 First MPF with digital filter for the isolation of the cross-correlation frequency and user selectable cross correlation frequency. Introduction of K2™ FastScan™ capable of acquiring time resolved fluorescence data in a minute using either a lamp or a laser as an excitation light source
1992 First MPF equipped with diode array detector for simultaneous multifrequency multiwavelength fluorescence data acquisition
1998 Introduction of OxiplexTS™, Two-Channel Non-invasive Frequency-Domain Tissue Oximeter
1999 Alba™, Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy System
2001 ChronosFD™, a Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer using laser diodes and LEDs
2003 Alba™ is equipped with one-photon and multiphoton confocal imaging capability (steady-state and lifetime)
2008 Introduction of ChronosBH™, a lifetime instrument based on laser diodes and LEDs and using the time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) technique
2011 Introduction of the FastFLIM™, the Digital Frequency Domain (DFD) technique for microscopy
2015 Introduction of the MetaOx™, the tissue oxygen consumption monitor for biomedical research